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The Before, During, & After

If you're like most women and have never waxed you may have questions about the process. "Is there anything I need to prepare? How badly is this going to hurt? You want me to put WHAT!? WHERE!??"

Well this is the guide to the Before, During, and After of Waxing! (You're Welcome! LOL)

With any luck you've found a GOOD Esthetician and they've already told you want you need to do. 

But on the off chance you're going in blind these steps will help you to prepare and make things much less painful.


The day of your treatment:

Exfoliate! Seriously DO IT! Exfoliate with a dry brush, loofah, or exfoliating glove. Exfoliating before your wax service will remove dead skin cells laying on the surface of the skin and around the hair follicle. This will make a clean surface for wax to adhere to and be lift the hair cleanly out of the follicle. This will reduce pain and your chances of ingrown hairs.

Pain Control. You can expect pain with any kind of wax service. The only painless wax service is no wax service. (Sort of, but I'll get back to that.) One thing that I always advise my clients to do is to take 2 Extra Strength Tylenol 30 minutes before their appointment, especially if they've booked a Brazilian! Speak to the receptionist so you can be scheduled for your appointment accordingly with the time it takes to be effective. Lastly, if no cream is provided a drugstore Burn Cream can help to give slight numbing. 


Make yourself comfortable. If you are feeling overexposed let your Esthetician know or if there is any information you think she should know, share it with her. Open the lines of communication early. You're going to get to know each other very well.

Follow instructions. You may be asked to "participate" and this isn't uncommon. The esthetician may ask you to hold or lift some body parts. Remember it is all for your benefit. It makes the job easier for your esthetician and well makes things a lot less painful for you.

Talking and Breathing are good ways to take your mind off the pain. As an Esthetician, I purposely "chat it up" with my clients to take their minds off the pain and the situation... Especially if the client feels a little awkward.


Aftercare is by far the most important part of waxing to me.

How you care for your skin after this point will determine how long you stay "Hair-free" and whether or not you get ingrown hairs. Aftercare procedures can prevent you from getting an infection!

Yikes! Bumps! I think every client I've had has asked me "Will I get bumps after?" My response is always, "It's possible." Bumps can be caused for many reasons, such as infection, ingrown hair, and hair growth in general. Immediately after your waxing, the Esthetician should apply an antiseptic cream or anything with anti-bacterial properties. This should always be done, especially when there is blood present. At home, I ask my clients to purchase my custom aftercare kit which includes everything you need to maintain a great wax.  

No monkey business! No sexual intercourse until 24 hours after your wax if you've had a Bikini or Brazilian wax. Imagine tons of tiny little open wounds, now introduce a ton of bacteria. That is what happens when you have sexual intercourse immediately after waxing. Give yourself a full day to heal and for your skin's protective barrier to be restored before you go tumble in the sheets.

Exfoliate Again! Noticing a pattern? Exfoliate once a week after waxing this will keep dead skin away and allow an open pathway for hair to break through the surface.

Now go forth and wax!

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